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Latest Mix/Mastering Projects

Soda Pony - Senior Year (Mastered By Bayan)

Garbageman - Tales from the Shed (Mix and Mastered By Bayan)

Garbageman - Tales from the Landfill (Mix and Mastered By Bayan)

WineTasting - Self Titled (Mastered by Bayan)

Music Mastering Service

My Mastering service is driven by my personal life long obsession, with detailed and High Fidelity audio. After working as a studio, and live engineer for over a decade on countless projects, I've decided to focus on Mastering which is the most important step in order to make your music ready for streaming and radio.

Unlike most mastering services, I don't make your music "Just louder" or run it just through a standard set of gears to get the same "warmth/character" as every other track that's been on the radio since 1970s. My job as the mastering engineer is, to ensure that the sounds, and the energy of your music, matches the feelings and ideas of your track.  I treat each and every song individually, with a collection of custom, and vintage analog, and digital gears, to make the best possible sounding records.

Contact me to take your music to the next level!

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