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 Alo - For Any Tempo (ad)

Credits: Drums - Music - Mix/Master

Poplife (2019)
Short | Drama | Music | Farsi and English | 17min


A music-driven film that portrays the chaotic day of an international student who must deal with an unexpected family crisis.


Written & Directed by Sam Mohseni
Cinematography by Andrij Lyskov
Produced by Shan Ugalino
Executive Produced by Ramin Mohseni / Azersam Film & Media Inc.
Production Design by Tiffany Lau
Edited by Sam Mohseni
Music by Clairvoyant Felicities
Additional Music by Bayan Kazemi

Starring: Bayan Kazemi, Aerial Sunday-Cardinal, Antony Knight, Mojtaba Daneshi, Bahareh Dehkordi

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